Fast Trak Education and Training 2017

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October 17, 2017

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Fast Trak Education and Training 2017

Gain specialist knowledge in bioprocessing

With our Fast Trak education, you can access application training in specialized bioprocessing techniques. The courses provide a tangible learning experience for process development and manufacturing scientists, relevant to everyday work.

Comprehensive training for your specific needs

The Fast Trak courses cover various topics from upstream to downstream. These include cell culture, bioreactor scale-up, column packing, basic chromatography, as well as optimization and scale-up for both pilot and manufacturing scales. In addition to our standard courses, customized training programs can be created according to your needs. The courses can be held in a number of languages.

Learn best practices in enabling technologies

Key aspects of traditional and single-use bioprocessing are covered in our courses. To ensure you learn key considerations for scale-up and manufacturing, we incorporate a large proportion of hands-on training as well as classroom education.

Expert instructors with insights in today’s biomanufacturing challenges

Our regional instructors are passionate about training. They draw on their experiences gained in the biomanufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. The Fast Trak courses allow you to access their deep product knowledge and understanding of the application of those products to your process. By sharing our experts’ insights we can empower you to solve your bioprocess challenges.

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