Facilitating Workforce Development: A case study on improving single-use training through vendor and end-user collaboration

1 Min Read

20-1-2-CR-Pall-Cover-Border-214x300.pngDiscover how Pall Corporation and Lonza collaborated to improve single-use technology training for operators using a blended approach to learning.

This article presents:

  • The importance of SUT training for operators.

  • Why a blended approach ensures that operators get the training they need in the format that best suits their learning style.

  • How collaboration between suppliers and biomanufacturers can shorten training program development timelines and increase the quality of training tools.

  • How Pall and Lonza developed a digital training approach together.

  • The benefits of virtual (VR) and mixed reality (MR) training.

  • How Lonza introduced VR training.

Download this article today and learn how to increase the speed and efficiency of your operator training on SUT.

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