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Expertise, Experience, and Excellence

Jason Rahal

August 10, 2016

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Cobra Biologics is a rapidly expanding international contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) of biologics and pharmaceuticals for clinical and commercial supply. With three GMP-approved facilities, each with expertise tailored to serving our customers around the world, we offer a broad range of integrated and stand-alone contract services stretching from cell line and process development through to fill and finish for the supply of investigational medicinal products and commercial production.

Microbiota_BallRGB-210x300.jpg For over 18 years we have taken pride in being a trusted manufacturing provider, delivering what we promise and helping our customers to develop medicines for the benefit of patients. Cobra provides manufacturing technologies, platforms, and solutions for the pharmaceutical industry covering antibodies, recombinant proteins, viruses, phage, DNA as gene therapies, and whole-cell vaccines and therapeutics, as well as biologics and small-molecule API lyophilization and fill–finish.

This year we have also launched two new services:  microbiota development and manufacturing and high-quality “HQ” DNA supply for our AAV and lentivirus customers.

maXxpress-logo-300x117.jpgCobra’s maxXpress service optimizes cell line development using a unique technology that infuses ubiquitous chromatin-opening element (UCOE) technology with cell line development expertise to yield increased recombinant protein and antibody production. With this service, 100–300 mg of material can be produced in under 10 weeks.

Ambr™ microbioreactor technology from TAP Biosystems is used to evaluate process parameters. The better monitoring, process control capability, and speed (weeks not months) compared with shake-flask culture or bioreactors are significant advantages and allow data about cells’ behavior and product characteristics to be collected before larger bioreactor studies. That ensures superior product similarity to that achieved in large-scale bioreactors.

At Cobra, we recognize the value of transparent and effective communications, ensuring that we provide regular progress updates and respond to our customers’ needs. Large enough to deliver and small enough to care, Cobra dedicates the attention and resources needed with multidisciplinary teams that remain with each program throughout its lifespan. This seamless integration reduces both transfer risk and time delays, thereby increasing customer satisfaction. Delivering the highest quality products on schedule through trusted relationships ensures that our customers come back time and again for further clinical development and production or with new projects.

Get in touch with our expert team today at www.cobrabio.com.

Jason Rahal is senior vice president of business development at Cobra Biologics North America, 500 N. Michigan Ave, Suite 600, Chicago, IL 60611; 1-773-478-5334; [email protected]; www.cobrabio.com.

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