Evaluate Cell Therapy Product Purity with Aura CL

BPI Contributor

August 10, 2021

1 Min Read
Evaluate Cell Therapy Product Purity with Aura CL

The CAR-T development workflow is a multi-step process that includes transfection of T cells with a viral vector to express a chimeric antigen and activation/expansion of the CAR-T using a molecule like a Dynabead conjugated to CD3/CD28. Each of these steps is a potential source of contamination that needs to be removed to ensure the purity of the final cell therapy product. Aura CL™ applies multiple detection methods to facilitate the accurate detection and identification of contaminants in a CAR-T sample. This built-in orthogonality uses fluorescence membrane microscopy (FMM), backgrounded membrane imaging (BMI), and side illumination mode (SIMI) to fully characterize subvisible particles, enabling detection of CAR-T cells, protein aggregates, non-biological contaminants, and understanding of the different components in a mixed aggregate. All using a single, high-throughput assay that generates data for 96 samples in just a few hours.

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