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LOGO_14-300x44.jpgBuilt on over 30 years of expertise in large-volume fluid processing with 3D single-use bags, Sartorius Stedim Biotech collaborated with many end users for the large-volume Flexsafe® 3D system with enhanced ergonomics, thereby bringing operator safety to the center of successful drug processing.

We conducted in-depth interviews to gather and explore operator insights into the usability of large-volume single-use systems. That input helped us improve our product offering with the aim of also improving workplace health and well being. A focus on ergonomics in single-use operations is a key factor toward achieving easy, fast, and safe liquid handling. A decrease in the appearance of musculoskeletal symptoms in workers can provide a better workplace, with positive effects on worker satisfaction, product quality, and process efficiency.

The large-volume Flexsafe® 3D system is designed specifically for storage of large-volume process fluids up to 3,000 L. Applications include

  • Storing sterile cell culture media and buffers

  • Feeding of sterile media into bioreactors and buffers into purification systems

  • Receiving and storage of bioreactor harvest. Change your day-to-day operations and improve your workplace.

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