End-To-End Cell and Gene Therapy Solutions

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April 19, 2024

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At Sartorius, we share your mission to develop life-changing cell and gene therapies. Bring your therapy to market with end-to-end solutions backed by decades of industry experience.

Every step of the way, Sartorius helps you make a difference by making the difference in your process – from discovery, to process development, to clinical and commercial manufacturing.

Set the standard in reproducible performance

Start with a process that delivers high performance, and ensure your results can be consistently reproduced. Accelerate your cell and gene therapy development with high-throughput technologies that promote process efficiency, optimized critical raw materials and downstream technologies that improve yield, and intuitive data analytics that inform decision-making.

Whether you’re in early drug development or approaching large-scale manufacturing, you can rely on our productivity-driven solutions to help you set the standard in reproducible performance.

Set the standard in streamlined scale-up

Make sure your process can scale up with your operations and maintain high productivity as your production scale increases. Sartorius helps you streamline revalidation and optimization from the start by leveraging decades of demonstrated expertise in scalable upstream and downstream solutions.

Our range of cell culture bioreactors, single-use bags, media, and reagents is designed with scalability in mind, and provides you with seamless process transfer to larger volumes. Throughout downstream processing, drive cost-efficiency with clarification and purification technologies that improve yield and maintain quality. And during shipping and handling, you can reliably protect your product’s performance with our preassembled storage solutions.

Set the standard for a simplified path to regulatory compliance

In a rapidly changing landscape, adhering to the latest regulatory requirements is critical to simplifying interactions with authorities and ensuring swift product approvals.

Meet efficacy and safety standards with products and services from Sartorius that are backed by rigorous quality-assurance processes. Our products are trusted to deliver approved therapeutics worldwide – more than 15 commercially available cell and gene therapies use our products, and we’ve supported more than 200 drug candidates through clinical trials.

Reduce risk with sterile, single-use solutions that maximize closed, aseptic processing. Protect against contamination using our portfolio of serum- and xeno-free cell culture media and reagents. We help you make it simple to set the standard in simplified commercialization with our testing and validation services, along with expert regulatory support.

Setting the standard, together.

From discovery to commercialization, Sartorius offers a portfolio of proven end-to-end solutions that helps you achieve faster time-to-market while saving costs. Enhance your process with solutions driven by reproducible performance and scalability with a simplified path to regulatory approvals.Together, let’s set the standard in cell and gene therapy: www.sartorius.com/cell-gene-therapy.

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