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Enabling Real-Time Process Control: Automated Glucose Feeding Based on Online Measurement

BPI Contributor

March 22, 2023

This presentation features: Milla Neffling, PhD, Market Segment Manager, 908 Devices.

Faster development cycles, intensified processes, and automation of process control are key-initiatives in biotherapeutics manufacturing. However, offline analytics requiring manual intervention are commonly used to monitor critical and time-sensitive process parameters. We describe a new automated approach for optimal growth and production, leveraging sensitive, online (sample-free) monitoring of glucose and lactate with automated feed control, and its impact on growth/viability, lower metabolite, and improved PQA.

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Speaker Bio: Milla Neffling, PhD, is a market segment manager for bioprocessing at 908 Devices. Working with bioprocess labs and customers in the fields of biotherapeutic proteins, viral vectors, vaccines, and cell therapies, she has a keen interest in analytical solutions for biopharmaceuticals and bioproduction and using analytics to improve and drive bioprocess development. She earned her doctoral degree in Finland at Åbo Akademi University in the field of analytical biochemistry. Analytical development in life sciences and biochemistry has been her focus throughout her career, more specifically with mass spectrometry technology coupled to liquid chromatography and capillary electrophoresis as enabling tools.

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