eBook: Process Intensification — Driving Efficiencies Across the Spectrum of Biomanufacturing


Process intensification improves manufacturing processes at unit, operational, and functional levels to increase productivity — often reducing environmental footprints as well. Continuous biomanufacturing plays a key role in speeding biopharmaceutical products to market. As legacy processes and facilities built around batch processing age out, they are giving way to modern alternatives based on single-use technology, closed operations in open “ballroom” environments, automation, and continuous processing for overall intensified biomanufacturing. In this eBook, BPI’s editor in chief reviews some key journal publications, Enzene CEO Himanshu Gadgil touts the benefits of continuous manufacturing for improving affordability and access to biologic therapies, and BPI associate editor Josh Abbott reports on technical discussions at a process-intensification–focused workshop at the 2024 BioProcess International Europe conference.

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