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Figure 1: Vero cell expansion process

Anchorage-dependent cells such as Vero cells are used widely as a platform for viral vaccine production. Perfusion bioprocesses enable a constant addition of nutrients and removal of byproducts while cells are in a bioreactor. That results in cell densities that are higher than those for conventional batch or fed-batch processes. In the study herein, Eppendorf researchers tested the suitability of a spin filter as a cell-retention device. They cultivated Vero cells on Cytodex 3 microcarriers (10 g/L) in an Eppendorf 3-L glass vessel using a microcarrier spin filter coupled with a pitched-blade impeller. The microcarrier spin filter is a cylinder-shaped cage that spins with the impeller shaft and is covered with a large 75-μm screen designed to prevent microcarriers from being collected with waste media during perfusion. The process was controlled with a BioFlo 320 bioprocess control station. No additional devices were needed for the perfusion. With the unique design of this spin filter, the team easily cultivated anchorage-dependent Vero cells in perfusion mode on microcarriers and ensured a consistent supply of nutrients and removal of toxic byproducts.

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