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Collaborate to Innovate: Shaping the Future Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Landscape

BPI Contributor

September 21, 2017

2 Min Read

As the demand for new life-enhancing therapies increases globally, the pharmaceutical manufacturing community faces an unprecedented challenge to accelerate speed to market. Keeping up to date on industry trends is critical to maintaining a competitive edge. But how do you actively drive these trends and apply them to your manufacturing processes to bring your innovation strategy to life? Whether you are implementing single-use technologies to reduce costs and increase productivity or expanding your operations in emerging markets, scientific collaboration and access to global technical expertise are paramount in this dynamic environment.

We recognize that you need a partner who not only addresses today’s challenges, but also anticipates future barriers that you may encounter while bringing your drug to market. This proactive mindset has driven us to establish our global network of M Lab™ Collaboration Centers. This network of facilities offers scientists and engineers a non-GMP environment where they can examine unit operations along their bioprocesses to optimize, analyze, and troubleshoot in real scale without the strict requirements of their own production facilities. From São Paulo to Seoul, our network of technical experts harness the power of collaboration to help you think big, think outside the box, and improve your biomanufacturing process.

In a recent three-part webinar series hosted by BioProcess International, three experts representing our M Lab™ Collaboration Centers shared their perspectives on the future of the industry and provided specific case examples that demonstrated how collaboration enables improvements that are shaping the future pharmaceutical manufacturing landscape. From collaborative efforts in next generation bioprocessing to partnerships that opened doors in emerging markets, the speakers covered strategies for managing risk, expanding geographic footprint, and staying ahead of the competition:
• Understanding future pharmaceutical industry trends and how to address them with your manufacturing process
• Trends and drivers leading to an emerging paradigm shift toward continuous bioprocessing and how an EU-funded industry collaboration successfully developed a new next-generation downstream platform
• Strategies for applying single-use technologies and next-generation processing to address production needs in emerging markets while reducing risk, capital investment, and timelines.

Each 10-minute presentation was followed by a Q&A session, and summaries are included in this BioProcess International insert. The full, on-demand versions of these webinars are available online.

With novel approaches to patient treatment on the horizon, it is an exciting time to be a part of this industry. Although this webinar series touches on just a few of the many outcomes of scientific collaboration, we hope that these success stories are a source of inspiration. When we truly come together as a global scientific community, we can solve the toughest development and production challenges.


Dr. Andrew Bulpin
Executive Vice President
Head of Process Solutions MilliporeSigma

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