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CHO Playbook Gibco™ CHO Cell Culture Solutions for Biomanufacturing

BPI Contributor

June 7, 2024

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Gibco CHO Playbook

Key highlights of the Gibco CHO Playbook

CHO solutions process flow chart: Navigate the process of developing new CHO cell lines with our comprehensive flow chart, guiding you through the evaluation of catalog media, formulation development, and further technical advice by our expert team.

Gibco media, feed, and supplement mapping: Understand how to select the optimal Gibco media, feed, and supplements for your specific CHO cell line requirements. Our flow charts map related options to help you make informed decisions for enhanced productivity and product quality.

Detailed descriptions of CHO cells and variants: Delve into the characteristics of CHO cells and their variants commonly used in biomanufacturing. Learn about their robustness, scalability, post‑translational modification capabilities, and nutritional requirements unique to each clone.

Mutation landscape of CHO cell lines: Explore the genetic diversity among CHO cell lines, including popular variants like CHO‑K1 and CHO‑S. Understand how mutations impact cell behavior and bioproduction performance.

Peptones and Gibco starter packs: Discover the role of peptones in CHO cell culture and explore our Gibco starter packs designed to provide a comprehensive set of nutrients for optimal cell growth and productivity.

CHO media and feed panels: Explore our diverse offering of CHO media and feed panels, each formulated with distinct compositions and nutrient levels. Find the perfect solution to meet your process requirements and enhance productivity.

Media development services: Learn about our media development services, including traditional and multi‑omics workflow options. Enhance titers, protein quality, and process efficiency with customized media formulations tailored to your specific needs.

Comprehensive catalog of Gibco products: Access our full range of Gibco products for CHO cells, including classical media, feeds, supplements, and next‑generation innovations. Find everything you need to optimize your CHO cell culture process.

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