Cell Therapy Production: A Comprehensive Look at Key Elements of Success

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September 27, 2021

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Cell Therapy Production: A Comprehensive Look at Key Elements of Success

Cell therapies offer tremendous potential to treat diseases for which there is often no treatment available.

The global cell therapy market is strong and continues to expand. Market research predicts an annual growth rate of 5.4% reaching $8.83 billion by 2027. Cell and gene therapies continue to progress through the clinical pipeline with new cell therapy product approvals, expansion of approved indications for current products, as well as increasing awareness, acceptance, and use of these advanced biological products globally. This market growth coupled with impressive clinical results and recent regulatory approvals has driven an increase in demand for manufacturing solutions.

But, the production of a cell therapy is complex. Cell therapies have a variety of modalities, use different cell types, have different manufacturing protocols, and treat different diseases. Manufacturing technologies and procedures continue to evolve to meet unique needs.

Fulfilling the promise of cell therapy requires that we effectively transition from proven research-scale to production-scale capable of generating safe and effective therapies to treat patients. Taking a thorough approach to process development, adhering to emerging best practices, leveraging proven technologies and the expertise and resources of preferred vendors can help ensure that large-scale production success can be achieved.

In this e-book authored by Corning Life Sciences applications scientists, we aim to provide an overview of key considerations for cell therapy production, including technologies that are being developed and employed, and how a therapeutic candidate moves from research scale to clinical or commercial manufacturing. Topics include:

  • Make Time for Process Development

  • Implementing Adherent Cell Culture Technology for Cell Therapy Bioprocess

  • Media Optimization for Cell Therapy Production

  • Selecting the Appropriate Scaling Strategy for Different Cell Therapy Applications

  • Amplifying Adenoviral Particles in the Corning® HYPERStack® Cell Culture Vessel

  • Closed and Aseptic Processes for Cell Therapy Manufacturing

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