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Boosting Cell Culture Performance With cQrex® Peptides in Biopharma Applications

BPI Contributor

June 5, 2024

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Evonik Cell Culture

In this white paper, Evonik experts, Cléa Michel and Dr. Stephan Brinkmann, discuss advances in cell culture media optimization with a focus on biopharmaceutical production. The authors outline the challenges posed by critical amino acids in media formulations, which can limit mammalian cell culture performance due to stability and solubility issues at neutral pH.

To address these challenges, Evonik offers a portfolio of cQrex® peptides based on glutamine, tyrosine and cystine. These chemically defined, non-animal-derived peptides are designed to meet cellular needs for key amino acids. Thanks to their superior stability and solubility, the cQrex® peptides enable more concentrated media formulations and a simplified bioprocess. This results in increased productivity and reduced production costs.

By presenting data from recent screenings with mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell lines, the authors demonstrate the positive impact of cQrex® peptides on media chemistry, bioprocesses, and overall cell culture performance. The studies demonstrate their efficiency in metabolic processes and their contribution to higher yields in biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

Learn how cQrex® peptides can help overcome solubility and stability issues in cell culture media to offer the biopharma industry the opportunity to produce high-quality therapeutics more efficiently.

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