Bioprocess Intensification – Fast, Flexible, and Efficient Solutions

BPI Contributor

November 21, 2019

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17-11-eBook-SSB-cover-232x300.jpgPropelled by single-use systems (SUSs), biopharmaceutical companies are approaching the ideal of continuous bioprocessing. In addition to improving process integrity and decreasing production costs, SUSs have enabled exciting ways to configure, operate, and evaluate manufacturing steps. Sensitive process analytical technologies (PATs) and discriminating data analysis platforms are supplementing those developments, helping process engineers and operators to study and modify workflows in unprecedented ways. The goal now is to intensify: to apply increasingly nuanced process knowledge and growing technological capability in ways that simplify, condense, abbreviate, and integrate distinct processes.

But intensification is easier said than done. And considering the industry’s ambiguous uses of the term, process engineers and operators need clear instruction about how to accomplish it. The writers, speakers, and interviewees featured in this BPI compilation offer such guidance. These articles detail how experts from Sartorius Stedim Biotech (SSB) characterize “process intensification” and how end users can transition toward the increased safety and economic sustainability of continuous processing.

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