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Benefits of Fluoropolymers for Bioprocessing

by Eric Isberg

August 3, 2019

1 Min Read

17-7-savillex-figure-300x255.pngFluoropolymers play a critical role in the storage, freezing, and shipping of critical bioprocess fluids. Not all fluoropolymers are ideally suited for all applications, so it is important to understand the characteristics of each and the benefit of using one over another for your specific application.

Most Common Fluoropolymer Materials
Fluoropolymers have more commonalities than differences. Such characteristics include:

  • Extremely high purity compared with other plastics
    used in bioprocessing, including very low or no measurable
    leachables or extractables

  • Inert and nonreactivity with nearly every chemical used
    in life science applications

  • Relatively low coefficients of friction (meaning no
    adhesion to biological materials), inherent resistance to
    bioburden and biofilm, and ease of cleaning

  • Very high thermal stability, leading to an extensive
    service temperature range to temperatures as high at
    200°C and as low as liquid nitrogen (–196 °C)

  • Unmatched durability and are virtually unbreakable
    during use – even at blast freeze temperatures.

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