Automation Solutions for the Efficient Integration of Single-Use Equipment

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March 16, 2022

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Automation Solutions for the Efficient Integration of Single-Use Equipment

Single-use process technologies have been increasingly incorporated into the manufacturing of biopharmaceutical products over the past two decades. While the reasons for implementing SU systems for biomanufacturing are compelling, there are still some challenges and concerns related to their use. Process automation is often considered one of the weak points of single-use technology. Automation islands are frequent phenomena with SU systems, and integrating the equipment with larger automation systems is challenging.

A number of suppliers – like Cytiva, Merck-Millipore, Sartorius, Thermo Fisher Scientific, or Pall – offer a broad range of equipment for single-use applications on the market.  For example, many of these suppliers provide a catalog of bioreactors for which different configuration options are available. However, as far as software is concerned, a single solution is typically offered based on the supplier’s standards.

The customer usually needs a single, specific set of standards that apply to the operation of the entire plant and, at the same time, allows the integration of new equipment at any time without any problems. In the case of existing facilities, it is important to maintain the established standards as applicable. This means that solutions adapted to the customer’s requirements are called for when it comes to the integration of SU technology or equipment for measurement and sensor technology.

Integrative solutions for the automation of SU equipment
The low flexibility of the supplier’s standards on the one hand, and the customer-specific requirements and conditions, on the other hand, contradict each other to a certain degree. The solution provided by ZETA consists of a uniform automation environment, with the potential for integration with any system, existing or newly acquired. If the customer has an existing automation infrastructure, further systems can be incorporated into the current environment. The standard systems of different manufacturers of SU systems are modified accordingly and are integrated into the virtualized platform. The on-site automation system, and all package units, are made to speak the same language. A familiar user interface and accustomed method of operation are maintained by adapting to customer-specific conditions and establishing a uniform standard. In addition, a uniform set of standards provides a cost-effective and efficient way of managing spare parts.

ZETA is your reliable partner for the automation of SU systems
As a leading supplier of customized automation solutions for biopharmaceutical production processes, ZETA seamlessly integrates single-use (SU) systems into new or existing automation environments. Customer-specific standards are implemented through intelligent automation strategies, thereby generating added value for process control.

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