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BPI Contributor

March 18, 2024

1 Min Read
Mettler Toledo eBook Automated Precision Weighing

METTLER TOLEDO's automated precision weigh modules (APW) are compact, versatile solutions for precision weighing. This eBook unveils a world where extreme precision (up to 0.01 mg), high throughput (488 Hz), and a compact footprint redefine automated weighing. With seamless integration via PROFINET or EtherNet/IP, accompanied by certifications, drivers, and sample code, your setup is streamlined for success.

  • SPC, the smallest weight sensor, supports single or multi-sensor integration in space-constrained applications.

  • WMF, with a narrow 25 mm width, facilitates minimal-pitch arrays for efficient use of limited space in multi-line filling.

  • SPE's modular design aligns with the trend for customizable machine setups, allowing engineers to tailor configurations based on specific needs.

These modules prioritize space, speed, and reliability in data transmission within OT networks, ensuring streamlined communication without compromising design flexibility.

Dive deeper into the capabilities of these precision weigh modules and learn more to bring them into your own operations by exploring this eBook.

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