Applying Single-Use Efficiencies to Room-to-Room Fluid Transfer

BPI Contributor

March 2, 2016

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Applying Single-Use Efficiencies to Room-to-Room Fluid Transfer

Biopharma manufacturers need to transfer critical fluids from cleanroom to cleanroom quickly, aseptically, and with minimal effort and expense for maximum productivity. Traditional hard piping involves intensive cleaning operations and down time between uses. Portable tanks run the risk of damage and leaks and also present cleaning challenges.

Incorporating Single-Use components and practices with in-wall transfer systems can help speed and streamline operations while maintaining isolated environments. These types of systems help remove the risk of breakage, spillage and lost pharmaceutical product – sometimes worth millions of dollars – associated with mobile tank transfer.

In-wall systems that use disposable tubing, gaskets and seals help lessen cross contamination risks, as well as cleaning and validation procedures and the time needed to perform such labor-intensive tasks. Change-overs involve removing a used tubing assembly from a wall portal and installing a new assembly, all in just a few minutes and without special tools.

This report explains how a wall pass-through system that incorporates Single-Use components for multiple fluid line transfer can speed processing and reduce the use of valuable resources.

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