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Applied Biosystems® GoPure™ Prepacked Chromatography Columns

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December 1, 2011

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Applied Biosystems® GoPure™ Prepacked Chromatography Columns

Convenient, flexible, and efficient purification of biomolecules

GoPure™ Pre-packed Columns: A high performance, flexible purification platform

Single-use technologies have been widely utilized in upstream processes for many years. Interest in improving operational efficiency, speeding facility turn around and elimination of product carryover risk is now driving adoption of ready-to-connect filtration and purification modules in downstream processing.For chromatography, performance and flexibility that is equivalent to traditional self-pack columns is a prerequisite for use in multiproduct facilities. This webcast will describe GoPure™ Pre-packed Chromatography Columns and a custom packing process for third party resins. Case studies will be presented that demonstrate column packing process stability and scalability.

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