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Amplify Your Titer: Kerry’s AmpliCHO CD Medium

John Menton

August 10, 2017

1 Min Read

Kerry_LOGO_5-300x225.gifFor more than 75 years, Kerry has earned its reputation for reliability and excellence in serving the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and nutrition markets. We deliver innovative solutions to assist customers increase cell proliferation, extend cell viability, and increase target protein production in biotechnological production systems.

Every day we expand our capabilities to meet the changing needs of the biotech market. Kerry’s products have evolved with market trends in cell culture over the past fifty years to fulfill our customers’ requirements. Those products have grown to encompass modern plant-based hydrolysates, yeast extracts, recombinant proteins, complex supplements systems, and chemically defined media. We have the vast global resources and technical platform to deliver consistent, high-quality products backed by unparalleled service, technical support, and formulation customization capabilities.

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