Advancing Vaccine Development with Novel Chromatography Solutions

Sirat Sikka, Florian Durst

September 19, 2023

1 Min Read
Advancing Vaccine Development with Novel Chromatography Solutions

The rise of new diseases and infections has increased the need for accelerated development of safe and effective vaccines. In addition, the search for vaccines continues for long-known pandemic diseases such as acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) and malaria, for which effective vaccines currently do not exist. To address the difficulties of vaccine development for such indications, scientists are researching new modalities including viral vectors, recombinant proteins, and nucleic acids. However, each vaccine production process is unique and will have its own challenges.

The increasing diversity among vaccine modalities will require drug companies to leverage development and manufacturing solutions that are tailored toward a given type of molecule. That will be true especially for downstream processes because each vaccine type will require a unique purification strategy.

Read this article to discover how novel chromatography solutions from Thermo Fisher Scientific can help to improve downstream processes for vaccines based on molecules such as mRNA, recombinant proteins, and virus-like particles (VLPs). In addition, learn how implementing an affinity chromatography step can benefit your vaccine production process.

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