Accelerating Discoveries for Viral Biology and Host Immunity with Advanced Cell Analysis Solutions

BPI Contributor

November 2, 2021

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Accelerating Discoveries for Viral Biology and Host Immunity with Advanced Cell Analysis Solutions

This whitepaper summaries recently published studies that incorporated the Incucyte® Live-Cell analysis platform and iQue® 3 Advanced High-Throughput Flow Cytometry. These state-of-the-art technologies were used to simplify workflows and provide rapid analysis solutions and enhanced throughput, aiding the discovery of new insights on the host-pathogen life cycle throughout the course of infection. Post-infection, these platforms were leveraged to monitor exposure, assess immune protection, and accelerate the development of anti-viral small molecules, neutralizing antibodies, and vaccines.

The Incucyte® platform offers automated image acquisition and analysis while maintaining physiological conditions in the incubator for better physiological control, quantifying dynamic changes in real time for hours, days, or weeks. The system’s includes flexible applications, multiplexing capabilities, non-perturbing reagents, and integrated, user-friendly software. Combined, these technologies permit rapid evaluation of cell health, function, movement, and morphology in a physiologically relevant environment while minimizing operator exposure to pathogens via remote access.

The iQue® 3 system is an automated, high-throughput, advanced flow cytometry platform that enables multiplex protein analysis, immunophenotyping and functional assessments. Users can assess immune cell activation, perform functional profiling and antibody screening. Ready-to-use kits include the iQue® T Cell Phenotyping kit, Human Qbeads® Inflammation Panel for cytokine storm assessment, and kits for T cell activation, memory, killing, and exhaustion along with cytokine profiling for deeper characterization of the host immune response in each sample.

The platform requires only small sample volumes, preserving precious samples and accommodates a variety of microplates, including 384-well for high-throughput analysis in minutes for profiling and pharmacological screening.

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