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Accelerated Development Through Strategic Analytical Partnerships

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Catalent-logo_CMYK-300x97.gifThe analytical field for biologics has evolved greatly over the past 30 years, and the underlying growth has shifted from biopharmaceutical companies to contract research organizations (CROs). The global biopharmaceutical market is growing annually at >15%, making it the largest and consistently fastest growing segment of the healthcare industry with annual sales in excess of US$200 billion. Contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) are expanding capacity by building new cost-efficient facilities, reflecting market demand. Many product sponsors are outsourcing, some even increasing their outsourced work.

Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical industry is consolidating through acquisitions and mergers as well as forming strategic alliances. That represents a minor threat to some CMOs by shrinking their client market. Currently the CMO market is very fragmented, with hundreds of companies across the globe — and it also is undergoing some consolidation, which is key to improving profitability. Late in 2015, the total global value for the CMO market was expected to increase from $72 billion to about $110 billion by 2020 (1), with an annual growth rate of >8%. Biosimilars will contribute significantly to that growth, reaching $30 billion by 2020 (a >60% compounded annual growth).

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1 Global Pharmaceutical CMO Market: Emerging Business Models Drive Transformation. Frost & Sullivan: San Antonio, TX, 2016.

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