A Future-Proof Solution for Bioprocess Applications: The New Eppendorf Flexible Bioreactor Control System Evolves with the Changing Needs of Modern Biotechnology

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18-3-Eppendorf-Cover-223x300.jpgIn the biopharmaceutical industry’s quality-by-design (QbD) era, optimizing tools for process monitoring and control has become a major focus of development and manufacturing. This increased attention brings challenges into upstream and production processes, cell-line development, process optimization, and scale-up. Suppliers of equipment and technologies also focus on helping their customers improve development timelines. With that increased attention to speed, they are offering tools such as the Eppendorf SciVario twin bioreactor control system to streamline development and maximize flexibility.

BPI spoke with Dr. Stephan Zelle and Dr. Berit Cleven about Eppendorf’s approaches to optimizing process development using their company’s SciVario twin system. Herein are their combined comments in response to our questions.

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For more information about the SciVario twin bioreactor control system, visit www.eppendorf.com/scivario.

Stephan Zelle Dr. rer. nat., is business manager and product life cycle manager in the bioprocess business unit, [email protected]. Berit Cleven Dr., is director of R&D, [email protected].

Eppendorf, BioBLU, SciVario, and VisioNize are registered trademarks of Eppendorf AG, Hamburg, Germany.

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