3-L to 2,500-L Single-Use Bioreactors

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PBS Biotech® makes the industry’s most advanced single-use bioreactors. With low-profile, easy to use, and plug and play designs, these systems range from 3 liters to 2,500 liters permitting fully scalable bioprocess solutions from benchtop to production.

At PBS Biotech we provide bioprocess solutions. We work with each customer to develop a tailored, single-use bioreactor plan that delivers optimal value in your bioprocess and provides competitive advantage and value that is developed, applied, and measured. We realize investments in capital equipment and recurring costs are complex and critical to your company. The PBS team helps customers migrate from legacy systems and equipment to a sustainable, cost-effective, single-use solution for cell culture development. We are bioreactor experts and know how to make them efficient, cost-effective, reliable, and powerful tools in your bioprocess.


PBS 3 benchtop bioreactor: Compact and fully scalable from 3 L to 2,500 L, PBS bioreactors are an ideal solution from lab to production. ()

The PBS bioreactor family is designed by scientists for scientists, making them the bioreactor of choice for tier 1 and SME biopharmas, CMOs, CROs, biotech start-ups, and biosimilar companies worldwide adopting the benefits of single-use technology. Don’t settle for second best. if you’re looking to retrofit an existing facility or commission a new one, you’ll want to put our single-use bioreactor products in your laboratory and production facilities and enjoy the benefits: intuitive ease of use, reduced capital and operational costs, faster campaign times, bioprocess flexibility, operational efficiency, and time to market accelerators.

Quality and innovation is evident in every design element of PBS Biotech’s Pneumatic Bioreactor System™. The proprietary air-Wheel™ agitation mechanism powered by gas buoyancy provides unparalleled mixing performance for cell cultivation. The result is rapid liquid mixing, efficient mass transfer, and low shear stress across our range of bioreactor scales. PBS single-use bioreactors are ideal for all cell culture applications including Mabs, proteins, viruses and vaccines, stem cells, and personalized medicines. Processes include batch, fed-batch, perfusion, and transient transfection.


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Intuitive touch screen with a graphical user interface (GUI) and secure remote connectivity: Both offer access to the same display to monitor operations or configure PBS bioreactors ()

PBS Biotech bioreactors feature redundant sensors, integrated auto-sampling, and easy networking to increase reliability and usability. Each unit is built to order and can be customized to specific requirements for disposable vessels and bags, pumps, probes, ports, sensors, and more. Control can be autonomous or tied in to your existing control system. Fully integrated and preconfigured modular design means that PBS bioreactors arrive ready to use: Just uncrate and connect power and gas lines. Using is believing.

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