IBC's 26th International Antibody Development and Production Part of IBC's Biopharmaceutical Development and Production Week

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January 1, 2011

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IBC’s Antibody Development and Production conference offers the latest technical and scientific advances in bioprocessing to help companies of all sizes improve speed, quality, and cost in developing and producing antibodies. Exclusive case studies deliver the latest data together with strategic discussion forums that allow the industry’s leading scientists, engineers, and executives to collaborate and find solutions to their most pressing challenges.

Gain from companies sharing “lessons learned” from their own experiences developing and optimizing processes and production of antibody-based therapeutics:

  • Maximizing recoverable titer without major facility changes

  • Using “-omics” technologies to improve predictability, medium optimization, and product quality

  • Analyzing multiple variables for scale-up, technology transfer, and comparability assessments

  • Examining the full CHO K1 genome sequence and its properties

  • Developing biosimilar monoclonal antibodies(MAbs) using QbD

  • Producing next-generation antibodies and novel molecules.


“Antibodies: Successes, Failures, and What’s Next?” by Marian T. Nakada (vice president of biotechnology strategy, operations, and external innovation at J&J Pharmaceuticals’ Biotechnology Center of Excellence)

“Defining and Demonstrating Suitable Product Quality Over the Course of Development” by Reed Harris (senior director of analytical development and quality control at Genentech, Inc.)

“Biosimilars, Biobetters, and Novel Biologics: Pitfalls and Opportunities” by David Robinson (vice president of biologics project and pipeline management at Merck Research Laboratories)

“Improving the Development of Biologicals” by Marcio Voloch (vice president of process development at Shire Human Genetic Therapies)

“Generation and Characterization of Novel, Mono-, or Multispecific Therapeutic Proteins for Oncology and Autoimmune Diseases” by Kendall Mohler (senior vice president of R&D and chief scientific officer for Trubion Pharmaceuticals)

“Unique Challenges in Delivering the First Cancer Vaccine: What Does This Mean for the Healthcare Industry?” by David L. Urdal (chief scientific officer of Dendreon Corporation)

2011 Sessions and Symposia

Preconference Symposium: Novel Approaches for Viral Clearance and Validation (new this year)

Improving Cell Line Understanding, Stability, and Awareness

Improving Speed and Reducing Time in Upstream Process Development: The Most Effective Approaches and Strategies Optimizing Manufacturing Networks

New Frontiers in Cell Culture Automation during Development and Manufacturing

The Evolution of Downstream Processing

Lessons Learned with Chemically Defined Media for Clinical and Commercial Operations

Updates on Overcoming Challenges of High-Titer Processes

What’s on the Horizon for Cell Culture Process Development

Initial Recovery: Integration at the Cutting Edge of Up- and Downstream Processing

Process/Product Characterization and Using QbD to De-Risk Product and Process Development

Novel Formulation Strategies

The Future of Biosimilars

Development of Novel Molecules

The Biopharmaceutical Development and Production Week Advantage

Colocated Conferences

The colocation and flexibility of Biopharmaceutical Development and Production week provides a thorough, customized learning experience for one travel spend. Maximize your registration savings and budget with a five-day all-access pass for significant savings and access to presentations, discussions, and materials from all six events.

14–15 March 2011

Process and Product Validation: Hear about FDA’s validation guidance and how companies are interpreting and implementing it.

Technology Transfer for Biopharmaceuticals: Realize that technology transfer requires more process understanding and manufacturing control.

Outsourcing Manufacturing of Biopharmaceuticals: Observe the trends in outsourcing for core competency and not for cost reasons.

16–18 March 2011

Recombinant Protein and Complex Biologic Development and Production: Discover approaches to overcome the unique technical and scientific challenges of developing novel molecules.

Analytical Technologies for Biotherapeutic Development: Learn about novel analytical approaches and technologies from early to late-stage development to improve process and product quality.

Register Early

IBC offers two-, three-, and five-day conferences package options. Early registration is encouraged to take advantage of preregistration discounts. Group discounts are also available for groups of three or more. Find complete details online at www.IBCLifeSciences.com/BDPWeek, or call 1-800-309-4078. When registering, mention priority code BPIFEADP.

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