eBook: Addressing Production Complexities — Strategies for Working with Difficult and Susceptible Proteins

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17-11-eBook-Complex-Proteins-Cover-234x300.jpgAll proteins are complex — but some are more complex than others, particularly when it comes to recombinant protein expression and production in commercial quantities. What works in a research laboratory to make a milligram of pure protein for study won’t necessarily work on a manufacturing floor to make kilogram batches for drug-product formulation. An increasing number of technological options are available, however, from a simple switch in expression host or adding folding steps in downstream processing to special genetic modifications and tagging to cell-free synthesis. High-throughput screening, design-of-experiments, and other analytical advancements are offering developers the means to discover and test possible solutions to the problem of complex protein production. In this eBook, BPI’s senior technical editor highlights several upstream strategies and technologies available to companies dealing with problem proteins. Specific innovations include engineering solutions from Thermo Fisher Scientific, MaxCyte, Cell Culture Company, LifeSensors, Lucigen, Arbor Biosciences, New England Biolabs, and more.

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