20th Antibody Development and Production

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January 1, 2008

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IBC’s Antibody Development and Production is regarded by industry as a leading resource for process development scientists and engineers looking for the latest case studies on recent breakthroughs that help increase process efficiency and productivity. IBC has shared a unique partnership with industry experts delivering programs that present solutions to the ongoing challenges of developing and producing antibody-based therapeutics.

Each year this event continues to evolve and explore new ways to accelerate speed to market and reduce cost with successful approaches to shortening timelines and streamlining workflows during early and late-stage development. IBC’s distinguished scientific advisory committee has designed a new and improved program for 2008 to examine multifaceted approaches to developing fast and efficient production processes while controlling product quality. In addition, several solution-based case studies will demonstrate new approaches in downstream processing that overcome the challenges of high-titer cell cultures and how they will affect the overall cost of production.

Join industry visionaries as they examine coming advances in engineered therapeutic antibodies over the next 10 years. They will discuss the impact of current and future trends in biochemical manufacturing, the role that chromatography will play in the MAb processes of tomorrow, and the identification of “objective” best practices in the biotech industry when benchmarking process development.

This is the industry’s only comprehensive single-track event that brings you the best practices across the spectrum, including the most critical stages of upstream and downstream processing.

Keynote Presentations

“From Gene to First Patient: Proposal for Standardizing Metrics when Benchmarking Process Development” by Wolfgang Berthold, PhD, chief technical officer in technical development, Biogen Idec

“What are Therapeutic Antibodies Going to Look Like in the Future?” by William R Strohl, executive director of biologics research, Merck Research Laboratories

“Next Generation Immunotherapeutics: Antibody Conjugates, Antibody Fragments, and Protein Scaffolds” by Rolf G Werner, PhD, senior vice president of corporate division biopharmaceuticals, Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH, Germany

“Chromatography in MAb Processes: Quo Vadis” by Greg Blank, PhD, director of late stage purification, Genentech, Inc.

Program Highlights

  • Tailoring cell line development and screening strategies to achieve high titers and optimal product quality.

  • Managing cell line instability and its impact during cell line development.

  • Incorporating quality by design to minimize product variances and maximize manufacturability.

  • Developing critical process parameters to control critical quality attributes.

  • Achieving operational excellence at all stages of manufacturing.

  • Applying disposables during clinical manufacturing to save time and resources.

  • Optimizing Protein A to improve downstream productivity.

  • Streamlining downstream processes with alternatives to traditional column purification.

Colocated Conferences

Attendees of IBC’s 20th International Antibody Development and Production are invited to arrive early in San Diego for our Technology Transfer for Biopharmaceuticals, Process Validation for Biologicals, and Outsourcing Manufacturing of Biopharmaceuticals conferences, scheduled for 10–11 March 2008. Together, these four events provide a thorough, customized learning experience unmatched in the industry. A special five-day conference pass provides substaintial savings and materials from all four events.

European Featured EventBioProcess™ International

European Conference & Exhibition

21–24 April 2008

Reed Messe Wien, Vienna, Austria


Ensure your company is up-to-date with the latest tactics to develop cost-effective, timely and successful strategies for the production and manufacture of your biological products. The 4th Annual BioProcess International European Conference & Exhibition is Europe’s leading bioprocessing event for biological manufacturing, guiding you through the latest technological advances and breakthroughs in strategy in the bioprocessing industry. As a delegate you can choose any talk from five in-depth streamed conferences to design a programme tailored to your specific information needs.

Scale-Up, Economics, and Manufacturing Strategies

Presenters will review the new tools and methods used by industry leaders to accelerate biopharmaceutical development and ensure maximum revenues from biological products. This track will help you devise strategies to minimize the economic impact of process development and scale-up, and you can learn how to take early development platform analytical tools through scale-up to a manufacturing process ready for commercial use.

Formulation and Drug Delivery

Speakers will review the importance of stability testing in formulation development. Learn about protein aggregation and gain comprehensive insight into the relationship between aggregation and immunogenicity.

Overcome your challenges when analyzing high-concentration formulations, and hear the latest developments in novel formulations for biopharmaceutical drugs. The presentations will focus on the importance of analytical techniques in formulation development.

Recovery and Purification

Find out about Lean and Six Sigma, process intensification, and carefully selected platform technologies. Review the pros and cons of disposables and hear how they can be incorporated into existing downstream processing. Learn about recent developments in affinity ligand purification, crystallization technology, expanded-bed adsorption, aqueous two-phase extraction, and self-cleaving fusion tags. Speakers will assess technologies in terms of capacity, cycle time, scalability, cleanability, robustness, quality, yield, and cost-of-goods, and discuss their applicability for your products.

Cell Culture and Upstream Processing

Hear case studies on your peers’ experiences in the improvement of cell culture processes to help increase yields and optimize production processes. Learn how to increase the productivity of cell cultures to reduce bottom-line costs. Review the current and future trends in protein expression. And assess the use of transient technology for early stage development.

Analytical Methods for Biologics

Gain a unique insight into key developments relating to immunogenicity, comparability, and posttranslational modifications. Learn to identify the emerging trends and analytical technologies being adopted by industry: Where should you be focusing your resources? Hear the latest EMEA guidance on immunogenicity: What will this mean for your company? Examine the range of tools being used to characterize posttranslational modifications — identify what tool to use, and when.

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