Reducing the Complexity of Custom Single-Use Assemblies

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Reducing the Complexity of Custom Single-Use Assemblies

Single-use technology (SUT) has been adopted on a global scale since its introduction 20 years ago. Its benefits are well-recognized, and it is a key enabling technology in today’s biopharm world. Thousands of single-use products are now on the market and entire processes are being run in single-use systems. Historically, end users have been encouraged to produce ‘customized’ single-use solutions for each individual application. While this can give the user exactly what they want, it can be at the expense of time, performance, and quality. As the industry matures, standardization of systems, components and designs, as well as manufacturing and testing methods, is necessary to support continued growth. Standardization frees up the end user to concentrate on process development and production, rather than having to focus on being a design engineer for single-use systems.

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