Jenkuei Liu, Shaheer Khanand 4 more

December 20, 2016

1 Min Read
Rapid and Simple Sample Preparation for High Throughput, High Resolution and Sensitive Glycan Analysis by Capillary Electrophoresis

Here, we report the simple and rapid GlycanAssure™ workflow that combines high throughput and high resolution glycan analysis of 96 samples in 7-9 hours using Applied Biosystems™ 3500xL 24-capillary electrophoresis system. The process eliminates vacuum drying and highly toxic cyanoborohydride in the labeling reaction. Use of Dynabeads™ magnetic beads for glycan purification post deglycosylation and removal of free dyes after labeling streamlines the process for automation. Capillary electrophoresis can detect less than 0.2 fmol/μL of labeled glycans. Two proprietary fluorescent dyes provide faster labeling and better resolution than conventional APTS. Newly developed software can finish data analysis in 1 hour, providing glycan profile, relative quantities, %CV, and trending of relative quantities of specific glycans of samples from different conditions.

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