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December 1, 2008

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Disposable Bags


Product: Bioprocessing bags

Applications: Containment, mixing, and so on

Features: Flexel 3D standard bags are designed for processing, storage, and transport of large-volume biopharmaceutical solutions. These disposable bags fit Sartorius Stedim Biotech’s Palletank containers or commonly available plastic drums. The bags provide a single-use alternative to traditional stainless-steel vessels in a range of applications. Standard Flexel 3D bags come as sterilized and ready-to-use stand-alone bags or filter-and-bag assemblies that incorporate a range of tubing, connections, filters, and bag sizes (50–1,000 L). Many designs incorporate C-Flex TPE tubing, allowing the use of BioWelder and BioSealer sterile connection and disconnection devices.

Contact: Sartorius-Stedim Biotech

Refrigeration, Incubation


Product: Innova 42 and 42R incubator shakers

Applications: Cell culture, fermentation, and molecular biology

Features: New Brunswick Scientific has introduced two space-saving incubator shakers that fit on or under most standard laboratory benches or can be stacked two high on a laboratory floor. Programmable Innova 42 and refrigerated Innova 42R units facilitate automation of multiple changes to operating parameters for “set it and forget it” convenience. Both shakers accept flasks up to 6 L in size and include a stationary shelf and internal receptacle that can power an accessory instrument for added versatility. Also standard are a multiple-function water reservoir for humidifying the interior chamber and an RS-232 computer interface for data logging. Optional features include a slide-out culture drawer to prevent sample desiccation, photosynthetic lighting, ultraviolet decontamination, and humidity monitoring capability.

Contact: New Brunswick Scientific

Surface Monitoring


Product: Allegro 3D systems

Applications: Bioprocess containment

Features: Pall Allegro systems incorporate three-dimensional biocontainers and have identical materials to the Allegro 2D systems, providing for easy and fast scale-up of single-use systems to process volumes of >100 L. Applications include cell culture media preparation/storage, chromatography fraction collection buffer preparation/storage, intermediate product storage, and bulk product storage before filling.

Contact Pall

Sanitary Fluid Management

Product: Coreflex series U-Cor hose

Applications: Sanitary bioprocess applications

Features: The Coreflex series U-Cor hose features a Teflon PFA core tube for cleanliness, compatibility, and temperature capabilities in sanitary bioprocess applications. The smoothbore hose is designed to maximize hoop strength, which helps reduce kinking while maintaining hose flexibility. Coupled with sanitary end connections, this hose helps promote increased drainability and flow rates in biopharmaceutical applications.

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Now Available in Europe


Product: Newmix-LevTech disposable mixing systems

Applications: Single-use in-bag mixing

Features: The WandMixer is an efficient and scalable high-purity disposable bag mixing system that offers economy with flexibility. The benchtop (5–50 L) and floor-based (50–200 L) models provide efficient mixing in specially designed disposable bags with standard container volumes ranging 5–200 L. A magnetic mixer scalable from 50 L to 2,000 L provides powerful mixing for industry media and buffer applications. This mixing technology is based on a single-use mixing bag containing a bottom-mounted disposable magnetic impeller on a disposable bearing. The single-use impeller includes a proprietary bearing assembly designed and composed to control particulate generation.

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