Expertise in Fluoropolymer Engineering Provides Unique Products for Biopharmaceutical Processing

Patricia Hill

July 1, 2009

3 Min Read


For over 50-years, W. L. Gore & Associates has earned its reputation for providing innovative, high-value products such as GORE-TEX® outerwear, Elixir® guitar strings, and GORE-TEX® vascular grafts. As the company invented expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE), Gore offers an unparalleled level of technical knowledge and experience with this versatile material.

This know-how starts with a deep scientific understanding of fluoropolymers, particularly PTFE processing and fluoropolymer development. Gore’s unique technical agility enables the development of a wide range of processes, products, and creative, reliable technologies.

Performance Characteristics

Gore’s configuration engineering of ePTFE and other materials can result in products that offer a wide range of performance characteristics, including biocompatibility, chemical and thermal resilience, low dielectric constant, antibacterial functionality, odor absorbency, radiation resistance, selective permeability, transparency/opacity, dimensional stability, varied hardness and stiffness, low/high surface energy, low/high abrasion resistance, nonpermeable barrier properties, controlled fluid delivery, and hydrophobicity.

Selected Gore Product Applications of ePTFE Medical implants: Because ePTFE is totally inert, Gore Medical Products are extremely biocompatible. The microporous structure of ePTFE can be engineered for a wide range of healing solutions including synthetic blood vessels, patches for soft-tissue regeneration, and surgical sutures.

Gaskets and Sealants: ePTFE’s resistance to chemicals and abrasion combined with its ability to withstand temperature extremes makes it highly effective in the transport and sealing of industrial fluids.

Membrane Technology for Industry: Gore’s ePTFE membranes are engineered to unique microstructures that provide an array of high-efficiency filter media suitable for exposure to harsh chemicals or high temperatures. The pores in these membranes allow air to pass through while trapping particles as small as bacteria or viruses.

Advanced Dielectric Materials for Electronics: The inherently low loss and dielectric constant of ePTFE makes it an ideal insulation for wire and cable, allowing signals to travel at nearly the speed of light with minimum loss or disruption.

Gore PharmBIO Products

Based on this expertise, Gore has developed a family of products specifically for use by global pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturers. Gore PharmBIO products are innovative ultrapure solutions for use in demanding bioprocess applications. This product portfolio provides high-purity solutions for single-use components, fluid transfer as well as peristaltic pumps and other long-life applications.

Single-Use Components

Gore single-use products including tubing, hose, molded connectors, manifolds, sampling systems, and custom-molded assemblies are manufactured in a newly constructed ISO class 7 cleanroom environment. The GORE™ STA-PURE™ fluid sampling system comes as a fully disposable, presterilized and assembled, needle free design. Custom assembly material capabilities include silicone, ePTFE, and various TPEs. Customize bioprocess assemblies using our online configuration tool.

Gore freeze-drying products are completely enclosed trays and containers designed to improve the lyophilization process while reducing product and freeze-dryer contamination risk.

Long-Life Highly Durable Products

Gore high-resilience tubing effectively resists the mechanical stress of peristaltic pumps.

GORE™ STA-PURE™ gasket for sanitary fittings for reliable sealing in bioprocess operations.

GORE® filtration products — including totally inert, FDA approved ePTFE membrane filters — help to optimize product collection of pharmaceutical dry powders as well as help control dust emissions.

For effective sealing in small-molecule API operations, Gore offers a variety of gaskets, packing materials, and diaphragms for vessels, pumps, valves, and piping systems.

GORE® microfiltration media help pharmaceutical filter manufacturers engineer the highest performing and most reliable filters available.

Packaging Solutions

GORE™ membranes are used for sterile venting in some of the latest, most innovative pharmaceutical devices, blocking contamination including bacteria and viruses. They promote consistent sterile dosing — including those formulated to be preservative-free. The reliable venting components are simple to incorporate into multiple devices and packages including pumps, droppers, and squeeze bottles.

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