eBook: Antibody–Drug Conjugates — A New Generation of Approaches Is Changing the Game

20-1-eBook-ADC-Cover-233x300.pngCombining large proteins with linkers and cytotoxins, antibody–drug conjugates (ADCs) may be the most complex drug molecules in development today. Despite early promise and product approvals, a number of technical concerns arose during product and process development. Characterizing and ensuring consistency in the number of small molecules that attach to the antibody — as well as ensuring their proper attachment and biophysics — all present significant challenges to ADC developers. Solving early problems associated with product quality has introduced a second generation of ADC development approaches into the drug pipeline.

This eBook explores the business trends and technical innovations that are helping second-generation ADCs to advance through clinical development and into the marketplace. First, reporters from the BioProcess Insider chronicle the many ADC-enabling acquisitions and collaborations from 2021. On the heels of recent regulatory approvals, biopharmaceutical companies continue to seek out discovery and manufacturing capabilities that will set them up for success in the ADC market. Then, BioProcess International‘s senior technical editor describes emerging platforms for ADC development and explores advances in ADC-product analysis and characterization. Read the eBook to learn more about these second-generation ADC development approaches and their implications for treating myriad forms of cancer.

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