From healthcare to health: 'No country can do this alone,' say experts in UAE

Experts at Abu Dhabi Global Healthcare Week (ADGHW), United Arab Emirates (UAE) discussed the importance of having multiple stakeholder conversations to facilitate the transition from healthcare to health globally.

Millie Nelson, Editor

May 14, 2024

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Experts spoke at Abu Dhabi Global Healthcare Week (ADGHW) in the UAE this week

The shift from “healthcare to health” involves a significant transition concerning how different societies approach the concept of health and wellness. This method moves away from the traditional reactive model of treating illnesses and instead aims to adopt a proactive focus on promoting holistic health and wellness.  

Mariam Al Mheiri, head of international affairs office at the Presidential Court and CEO of 2POINTZERO, told attendees this sector is “not just about healthcare, it is now about health prevention.”  

The panelists collectively agreed that the goal of shifting the current outlook and approach to the healthcare space is one that cannot be done alone and put forward that the movement will be built on partnerships and the bringing together of different stakeholders.  

Badr Jafar, CEO of multinational firm Cresent Enterprises, kicked off his response by telling the audience he is “not a doctor, neither am I an expert in healthcare. But what I am is a believer in the power of multi-stake holder platforms to help create, generate, and multiply.”  

Jafar went on to explain how conferences like ADGHW creates a “joint platform for action” through bringing together the likes of the “government, business, philanthropy, and the private sector.” Additionally, he said it brings people together from a “geographic aspect” where people from across the globe can meet.   

“Do we have these multi perform stakeholders today? The reality is, we do not,” he continued. However, he pointed out the UAE is demonstrating issues being integrated and showcasing a “whole of society approach.”   

The significance of collaboration and conversation between multiple stakeholders was backed by Al Mheiri who pointed out that “No country can do this alone” and reinforced how important it is “to have multiple stake holder conversations.”  

UAE activity  

The region has been inking partnerships with global players across the life sciences space to bolster its capacity and capabilities. In January 2023, contract development manufacturing organization (CDMO) National Resilience signed a deal with its investor Mubadala to establish a secure supply chain and construct a facility in Abu Dhabi.  

At the time of the announcement, the CDMO said the Abu Dhabi plant would be the first Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) site in the region to produce life sciences products for advanced biologics. 

In March, the Department of Health (DoH) in Abu Dhabi partnered with Eli Lilly and the World Obesity Federation (WOF) to tackle healthcare challenges and advance solutions concerning obesity prevention and management.  

Meanhwhile at ADGHW this week, the DoH signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI), and AI-solutions firm Core42. The collaboration looks to bolster the Emirate’s position in the technology and data space and the creation of an AI Healthcare Academy looks to build a global AI-trained workforce.  

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