eBook: Biomanufacturing in South Korea

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South Korea’s biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry is booming, thanks in part to major capital expenditure projects from Samsung Biologics, Celltrion, and others driving growth and development. The sector began growing in the wake of the 2008 global economic crash, and since 2012, the size of the country’s pharmaceutical industry has been on a steady upward trajectory, with a market currently valued at over US$22 billion. In this eBook, BioProcess Insider’s founding editor Dan Stanton highlights regional hot spots and shows how government support has helped them grow. He also delineates the relationship between supplier/vendor support for the broader region and how major companies are using that to their advantage. Then, Millie Nelson reports on the South Korean delegation to JP Morgan’s February 2024 Healthcare Conference in San Francisco, where Celltrion, Lotte Biologics, SK Bio, and Samsung Biologics touted their latest facility investments, business expansions, and product success.

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