BioProcess Insider State of the Industry – Live from Biotech Week Boston

Ukraine escalation, COVID, and sustainability. We sat down with experts at BPI from Biotech Week Boston to discuss the current state of biomanufacturing.

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October 11, 2022

20 Min View
BioProcess Insider State of the Industry – Live from Biotech Week Boston

Date: Oct 11, 2022

Duration: 20 Min

Ukraine escalation, COVID drop off, cell and gene approvals, and sustainability efforts were the focus of the latest BioProcess Insider State of the Industry discussion at BPI Boston

Frank Orlowski, Director of Business Development at Latham Biopharm Group, Miriam Monge, Head of Marketing Fluid Management Technologies at Sartorius, and Joseph Scott, Vice President, Supply Chain at Avid Bioservices, sat down with BioProcess Insider’s Dan Stanton to discuss the geopolitical issues affecting the biomanufacturing space.

In front of a full crowd at the recent BPI event – part of Biotech Week Boston – the panel began by discussing how biopharma is responding to rising fuel costs and disrupted supply chains caused by Russia’s ongoing aggression in Ukraine.


From left to right: Dan Stanton, Frank Orlowski, Miriam Monge, Joseph Scott.

From an escalating crisis to a diminishing one: COVID-19. While President Biden declared the pandemic is over, the panel did not agree. However, the declining demand for COVID-19 vaccines and the knock-on effect for the biopharma suppliers that have profited so heavily over the past two years were a concern.

Next up, the experts discussed cell and gene therapy approvals and how capacity, technology, and regulatory guidance are both fueling the sector and evolving to support the numerous programs in development.

And finally, Stanton brought up an significant issue but one that is often not spoken about: sustainability. With GSK stating that from 2023 it will require suppliers to take action on sustainability commitments and make improvements on emissions, energy, heat, transport, waste, water and biodiversity, he asked whether vendors and CDMOs must now go beyond just publishing vague ESG guidelines and prove themselves sustainable. It turns out, the panel said, this industry has been quietly active in its efforts over the past few years but there remains a need for increased collaboration, shared protocols, and – importantly – more conversations to showcase biopharma’s efforts.

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