An Innovative Disposable Depth Filtration System

Michael Wang

July 1, 2009

3 Min Read


The Zeta Plus Encapsulated System is a disposable depth filtration system designed for the bioprocessing industry where upstream cell culture clarification or downstream impurity removal is required. The Zeta Plus Encapsulated System consists of two product lines: a small system that is ideal for lab-scale production or scale-up studies, and a large system designed for production-scale biomanufacturing. Each is composed of a filter holder, a set of top and bottom manifolds, and a flexible number of capsule filters.

The Zeta Plus Encapsulated System features an ergonomically designed large holder (model #16EZB) that can be pivoted between horizontal and vertical position to allow convenient loading and unloading, minimal footprint during filtration, minimal fluid spills during unloading, and full use of the filter media. A patent-pending capsule design offers a translucent plastic shell for easy liquid level detection, a CAM locking mechanism for fast and robust capsule-to-capsule connection, and the industry-leading CUNO Zeta Plus EXT Series media to provide superior filtration performance.

The Zeta Plus Encapsulated System offers the following advantages …

Ergonomically Designed Holder System

Large holder (model #16EZB) can be pivoted between horizontal and vertical position.

  • Provides convenience and ease of use by allowing loading and unloading at waist height

  • Minimal fluid spills when handling spent capsules

  • Single- or two-stage depth filtration within one filter holder

Vertical flow path

  • Full use of the filter media

  • Small footprint during filtration

Innovative Capsule/Manifold Design

Translucent plastic shell

  • Easy detection of the liquid level inside, providing real-time monitoring of the filtration process

Solid core design with fully encapsulated shell

  • Eliminates internal stainless steel bands and the need for center post for easy loading and unloading

  • Low hold-up volume

CAM structure locking mechanism

  • Fast, reliable, and robust capsule-to-capsule connectivity

Lenticular style capsule design

  • Linear scalability from small to large system

  • Consistency between disposable and conventional depth filtration

Two handles on 1.6-m2 capsules

  • Easy to load and unload

CUNO Zeta Plus Ext Series Filter Media

  • Broad range of filter media selection

  • Superior performance in throughput and filtration efficiency

The primary application for the Zeta Plus Encapsulated System is cell culture clarification after fermentation. The system can be used alone or in combination with centrifugation or tangential-flow filtration (TFF). A secondary application for the Zeta Plus Encapsulated System is downstream impurity removal. Taking advantage of their positive charge capacity, Zeta Plus EXT Series filter media have been shown to be effective in removing contaminants such as host-cell proteins (HCP), viruses, DNA, protein aggregates, and endotoxins.


In monoclonal antibody production, Zeta Plus EXT Series media are increasingly being used as a polishing step after a protein A column, replacing traditional anion-exchange chromatography.

In summary, the Zeta Plus Encapsulated System offers a fast, easy to use and clean solution to today’s bioprocessing industry as it moves away from traditional manufacturing toward disposable manufacturing. The Zeta Plus Encapsulated System combines the best of both worlds: lenticular capsule design/vertical flow path for linear scalability and efficiency in filtration PLUS an ergonomically designed holder system for ease of use.

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