eBook: Drug Delivery — Partnerships Are Key As Medical and Digital Worlds Converge

Cheryl Scott

November 24, 2020

1 Min Read

18-11-eBook-Drug_deliver-Cover-232x300.pngDrug delivery is advancing into a digital future. Information technology is changing aspects of every operation in the biopharmaceutical industry. Meanwhile, machine learning and cloud computing are not only finding their way into drug development, manufacturing, and distribution, but also into drug-product delivery devices themselves. As a result, many biopharmaceutical companies are seeking medical device expertise through strategic alliances and contract services. New delivery devices can help big companies extend patent protection on established marketed products, for example, and provide small startups with a way to stand out in a crowded market environment. Discussions at Informa Connect’s “Drug Delivery Partnerships” meeting this year elucidated many details of the digital-health trend along with other advancements in drug delivery.

In this eBook, BPI’s senior technical editor highlights the meeting’s major trends, including emerging technologies for oral administration and delivery across the blood–brain barrier, growing demand for device connectivity to apps and smart devices, and the biopharmaceutical industry’s increasing focus on patient-centered solutions. The meeting also offered advice to established pharmaceutical companies and startups alike about navigating the kinds of drug delivery partnerships that are becoming the norm.

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