Shenzhen stock exchange-listed Sino Biological has leased land to build a bioprocessing center and CRO in Levit Green, Houston

Gareth Macdonald

December 2, 2022

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Sino Biological to build manufacturing and CRO services unit in Texas

Shenzhen stock exchange-listed Sino Biological has leased land to build a bioprocessing center and CRO in Levit Green, Houston.

The new facility – which will be at a site leased from the real estate investment, development, and property manager Hines – will focus on product manufacture and the provision of contract research services.

The aim is to provide drug industry sponsors and academic researchers working in the region with access to “bioreagents and CRO services” says Rob Burgess, Sino Biological’s chief business officer.



“We are extremely excited about our new partnership with the Hines team and our forthcoming laboratories and production facilities at Levit Green.

“Hines is at the forefront of next-generation laboratory space design and development, and our new site at the Levit Green master-planned district in the heart of Houston’s Texas Medical Center will enable Sino Biological to considerably expand its research services and bioreagent manufacture capabilities.”

Sino’s clinical research organization (CRO) services are focused on the development and production of antibodies for clinical development.

The new facility will be adjacent to the US base that Beijing-headquartered Sino Biologicals set up last December.

US CRO expansion

News of the new facility comes a few months after Sino Biological formed a CRO services partnership with San Jose, California headquartered drug design services organization Ainnocence.

Under the agreement Sino Biological added Ainnocence’s artificial intelligence-based prediction technology to its antibody development CRO services offering.

According to Ainnocence the technology enables fast, efficient prediction of antibody-antigen interaction, including binding affinity assessment to accurately design antibodies.

At the time Burgess said, “the addition of Ainnocence’s AI-based antibody-antigen binding prediction technology will enable Sino Biological to further enhance its antibody development CRO services offering, thus saving customers precious development time and ensuring antibody-antigen binding affinities that meet their strict demands.”

This story was first published in Clinical Insider on November 30 2022

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