AbSolute® High Cap by Novasep: Revolutionary Protein A Media

BPI Contributor

November 2, 2012

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AbSolute® High Cap by Novasep: Revolutionary Protein A Media

Novasep has developed AbSolute® High Cap, an optimized silica-based protein A media for the capture of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies. This protein A media is adapted to all fermentation volumes while offering the highest dynamic and static binding capacities (DBC10% ≥ 60 mg/mL, SBC ≥ 95 mg/mL) and, as a result, high productivities at all velocities. By decreasing the amount of resin required to downstream a feed (30-50% less), AbSolute® High Cap enhances the robustness of the protein A capture step. Excellent mass transfer properties and corresponding sharp breakthrough curves allow the use of AbSolute® High Cap with optimal loading conditions (low and high mAb titers) and low elution fraction volumes. While being easy-to-pack and allowing linear scale-up from lab to industrial scale, AbSolute® High Cap demonstrates consistent performances over 400 cycles: high dynamic binding capacities; low leaching of protein A (≤ 20 ppm); high log removal properties for HCP and DNA (≥ 3LRV); and consistent stability using either 0.1M NaOH in combination with 0.5M NaCl, acidic buffers or chaotropic agents as cleaning conditions. All of these qualities are possible due to the efficient epoxy-coating of the silica backbone that prevents degradation and limits protein A ligand leaching.

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