Synaffix strikes ADC licensing deal with Sotio

Sotio will use Synaffix’s antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) platform to develop up to three products targeting tumor-associated antigens.

Millie Nelson, Editor

October 18, 2023

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Synaffix strikes ADC licensing deal with Sotio

Sotio will use Synaffix’s antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) platform to develop up to three products targeting tumor-associated antigens.

Sotio, a clinical-stage immuno-oncology company owned by PPF group, has entered into a license and option agreement with Synaffix (acquired by Lonza in June for $107 million). Under the terms of the deal, Synaffix will receive an undisclosed upfront payment with the potential to earn a total of $740 million dependent on specific milestones.

“Synaffix is offering technology access and related services to key players in the ADC space: small research players, mid-size biotechnology companies, and big pharma players,” Ulrich Osswald, vice president, Licensing, Lonza told us.

“Sotio and Synaffix jointly decided to partner and develop up to three next-generation bioconjugates to offer better treatment options for different cancer patients in the future. Synaffix sees a high strategic fit, given Sotio’s focus on cancer immunotherapies and expertise in the space. Both parties share the vision to offer innovative medicines for patients in areas of high unmet medical need.”



Sotio gains access to Synaffix’s ADC technologies, including HydraSpace, toxSYN, and GylcoConnect. The firm said when used together, any company with an antibody can develop ADC products under a single license from Synaffix. Furthermore, the company claimed the platform produces quicker timelines to clinic because of its established supply chain.

“The Synaffix platform enables ADCs, special homing missiles for cancer and other diseases. The Antibody will help to identify and attach the ADC to cancer cells. Once attached, these missiles deliver a powerful medicine (a chemotherapy drug) directly to the cancer cells, like a targeted strike. This helps treat cancer more effectively and with fewer side effects because it mainly hits the bad (cancerous) cells and leaves the healthy ones alone. It’s like sending a smart missile to take out a specific enemy target while keeping everything else safe,” said Osswald.

Sotio is responsible for research, advancement, production, and commercialization of the ADC products, and Synaffix will support these activities and be accountable for the manufacturing of components that are associated with GlycoConnect, HydraSpace, as well as linker-payload technologies.

“R&D activities, including target identification and validation, will take place in Sotio’s labs in Prague, Czech Republic,” said a spokesperson for Sotio.

The time limit of the partnership has not been disclosed, however the spokesperson told us there are “some deadlines defined for target selection and overall time limits are dependent on IP protection periods.”

The firm said it is appropriately staffed to handle its ADC collaborations.

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