Polyplus adds DNA services with e-Zyvec buy

Through the acquisition of DNA design and production services firm e-Zyvec, Polyplus will expand its pDNA vector engineering offerings.

Millie Nelson, Editor

February 28, 2022

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Polyplus adds DNA services with e-Zyvec buy
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Through the acquisition of DNA design and production services firm e-Zyvec, Polyplus will expand its plasmid DNA vector engineering offerings.

The French biotech would not disclose any financial details of the deal but told BioProcess Insider the acquisition “critical to execute Polyplus’ portfolio diversification strategy by acquiring plasmid DNA (pDNA) engineering capability that will provide synergies to our customers in terms of process efficiency.”

Polyplus claims to be the market leader in transfection reagents for gene therapy viral vector manufacturing and through the acquisition, it will gain e-Zyvec’s pDNA technology.


Image: Stock Photo Secrets

“e-Zyvec’s patented plasmid design technology uses interchangeable bricks of DNA (segments of plasmid sequences) that can be assembled to form the plasmids matching customers objectives in terms of process efficiency for the most challenging gene-therapy, bio-manufacturing and research programs,” the spokesperson said.

“The technology enables the generation of plasmids variants for in vitro screening at an un-match speed, therefore considerably reducing development time.”

Forward future

Polyplus said it will continue to expand its existing portfolio “by adding complementary activities that make us a more effective and comprehensive partner to our customers, with a focus on expanding process economics optimization efforts for cell and gene therapy developers and manufacturers.”

The firm added a reagent to its existing FectoVir-AAV reagent line developed specifically to enable large-scale viral vector manufacturing in August 2021.

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