eBook: Continuous Bioprocessing — Promises and Challenges

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18-2-eBook-Continuous-Processing-Cover-233x300.jpgBiotechnological productions are commonly executed as batch processes, especially during downstream processing. Higher titers in fermentations, reductions in operating scale, and the quest for improving product quality all have led to an intensified effort for developing continuous processing. It is forecasted that within the next 10 years, about 50% of all drugs under development will be biopharmaceuticals, making it worthwhile to develop more efficient processes. In this BPI eBook, Babu Halan (project engineer) and Wolfgang Minas (global lead of the Competence Center for Biotechnology, both at Chemgineering Technology) highlight current trends, technologies, and challenges in continuous bioprocessing. Read on to learn more about the impact of single-use technologies on continuous bioprocessing and the downstream concerns that continue to hamper continuous operations.

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