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Incorporating expertise taken from both Informa’s Biotech Week Boston (BWB) 2023 and Phacilitate’s Advanced Therapies Europe (ATE), this eBook examines the cell and gene therapy (CGT) space in Europe, focusing specifically on the challenges surrounding clinical trials and exploring how the region can fix “this bump in the road” to safeguard the medicines of the future. First, Millie Nelson points to increasing caution as key industry players have expressed the need for Europe to reform its pharmaceutical legislation got corporate investment and patient access. Conversations include calls for innovative payment models, worries about patient access within different healthcare systems, and the complex nature of regulatory pathways to commercialization. Next, Dan Stanton describes the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine’s work to reinvigorate a stagnating sector, as Europe uncharacteristically lags behind the United States in advanced-therapy legislation. And finally, Nelson highlights the Netherlands as a model for other European member states to follow. Current home to the European Medicines Agency, the country offers access to talent, favorable logistics, and a collaborative ecosystem to companies that locate there.


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