The Total Cost of Buffer Preparation and Handling

BPI Contributor

December 5, 2016

20 Min View
The Total Cost of Buffer Preparation and Handling

Date: Dec 5, 2016

Duration: 20 Min

This webcast features: Eric Langer, Managing Partner, BioPlan Associates, Inc.

Most bioprocessing facilities consider in-house preparation of buffers and bulk liquids to be a core bioprocessing task. However, some companies are now outsourcing liquid manufacturing, by purchasing ready-to-use materials from vendors or hiring CMOs to prepare these. Buffers and bioprocessing liquids are one area of upstream production operations that is seeing an increase in outsourced operations. Bulk liquids can be a bottleneck in downstream processing, with buffer volumes often required that can be 10x-20x the volume of the bioreactor used. Making these liquids in-house requires dedicating space, equipment and staff for buffer preparation and handling. It also requires regulatory oversight and quality management.

In this webinar, Eric Langer presents an analytical comparison of the benefits and potential downsides of preparing buffers or bulk liquids in-house or outsourcing them to a third party. The webinar covers topics such as the total cost of preparation including fixed, variable and consumable costs. Langer also presents the qualitative benefits of both scenarios, detailing benefits that are less financially tangible such as the benefits of QA/QC documentation when outsourcing and flexibility in volumes.

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