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Solving Viscosity in Automated Particle Imaging

BPI Contributor

April 21, 2016

1 Min Read
Solving Viscosity in Automated Particle Imaging

Micro-Flow Imaging™ (MFI) easily detects particle size and morphology on a wide range of particle contaminants. And when you add the Bot 1 Autosampler to your MFI 5000 Series system, you’ve got the automated go-to method of choice for particle analysis today. Together, this combination lets you quickly screen for any changes in levels of particle contaminants like protein aggregates and silicone oil in your biopharmaceutical formulation.

Highly concentrated protein solutions can be a little trickier to analyze with other technologies since they often need dilution due to high viscosity and/or high particulate levels.1,2 MFI™ often lets you skip the dilution thanks to its direct image-based detection — so you can get accurate and sensitive measurement of particle size, count, and
morphology in your viscous samples straight up. In this application note, we studied how the Bot1 handled viscous samples, and found that with just a few simple optimization steps, you can be running viscous samples in no time at all.