Nonmetallic Fluid Handling Components and Systems

Arthur B. Quade

July 1, 2010

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BioConnexx specializes in engineering, manufacturing, and distributing reusable and single-use fluid handling components and systems for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical fields. BioConnexx products are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed all standing guidelines and regulations with stringent material selection and carefully considered design. With years of intense and thorough research and engineering, BioConnexx has assembled a complete line of “off-the-shelf” and custom products manufactured under specific guidelines and engineering tolerances and tailored to meet the needs of GMP pharmaceutical and biotech processes.

Bio Valve

The Bio valve is a simple straightforward designed tube valve/clamp. It is easily manipulated and manufactured from a lightweight reinforced nylon. It may be easily applied to tubing in use and offers the option to calibrate flow through the tube. The design of both the gate and seat lends itself to being user friendly. Should the tube not be centralized within the valve, the Bio valve™ will still perform its function without any adverse effects. Bio Valve uses include bioprocess containers, bioreactors, fermentors, flexible packaging systems, filling applications, filtrations and purification systems, sampling ports, and tubing sets.

Bio Barb Adapter

The design of the Bio Barb adapter lends itself to a cleaner, purer transfer of medium. Sharing the same ID as the tubing it is connected to provides an unimpeded path that allows full drainage, less turbulence, and less entrapment area. The oversized barb adds compression between the tube and fitting required to prevent by-pass of the medium to potential entrapment areas. Permanent lot and size identification are molded onto the adapter. Identification aids in the validation of the system as well as eliminates the uncertainty of using incorrect adapters with your tubing.



Bio Clamp

As the alternative to traditional stainless steel clamps, the Bio Clamp is lightweight, tough, and resilient. The Bio Clamp’s design and construction provide increased heat dissipation during high temperature applications. Reducing heat in nonmetallic ferrules reduces the chance of warping and allowing leaks to occur. It may be sterilized with either steam or gamma irradiation. Designed to fit sanitary flanges conforming to ISO 2852. Bio Clamp uses include bioprocess containers, bioreactors, disposable filtration processes, flexible packaging systems, filling machines, mixing containers and vessels, sampling ports, and tubing sets.


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