Howard C. Weber

July 1, 2010

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Applikon Biotechnology is the world’s leading manufacturer of glass autoclavable vessels. Over 25 years ago, autoclavable vessels were sold as systems by many companies. When large west-coast biotech companies wanted a modular approach and also wanted changes in the design of the vessel, Applikon listened and complied. The glass bioreactor is now the standard of the industry and is sold in similar forms by many of Applikon’s competitor.

Applikon has kept its focus on the bioreactor and anything related to or working with the bioreactor. In doing so, Applikon has become the innovator in this segment of the market. Through listening and observing, Applikon has introduced the following innovative products to the market:

  • ez-Control: simple and accurate process control for research and pilot plant bioreactors and fermentors

  • BioMass: online real time measure of viable cells

  • RAMbio: a highly-efficient orbital-shaker replacement that dramatically enhances oxygenation and bulk mixing for bacterial and fungi cultures

  • MicroFlask: using existing shakers, this innovative product can produce thousands of samples in the space as dozens of flasks

  • DO Probes: made with Titanium giving 10% less drift and longer usable life.

  • i-Control: a tremendous breakthrough that enables industrial control platforms such as Allen Bradley, Delta V, and Siemens to be used in R&D, pilot scale, and into manufacturing. This controller offers a standard, off-the-shelf package that is extremely powerful, flexible, and yet extremely easy to use.



Applikon’s business philosophy has evolved to be open to change and willing to accept new technologies from sources outside the industry.

Historically, the bioreactor supplier market has had high rates of turnover. This is due to the complexity of the equipment being used and the great need for service and parts. The lifespan of many new organizations has been 3–5 years because they are unable to meet these needs. Applikon has attained longevity by paying attention to the market,growing with the trends, and providing quality service.

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Howard C. Weber is director of sales and marketing at Applikon Biotechnology, Inc., 973-361-5387; fax: 973-361-3006; [email protected]; Applikon has offices in The Netherlands (Applikon Biotechnology BV, De Brauwweg 13 PO Box 149, 3100 AC Schiedam, 31-10-2083555; [email protected]) and in the United States (Applikon Inc. Main US Offices, 1180 Chess Drive, Foster City, CA 94404; 1-650-578-1396; [email protected];

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