May 2018 From the Editor

S. Anne Montgomery

June 1, 2018

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So many manuscripts we receive begin by mentioning the “ever-growing” or “ever-expanding world of biopharmaceuticals.” For anyone who’s been covering this industry for a while, that’s an understandable impression — but it’s not always easy to express. Despite increasing in maturity, that “world” remains on the cutting edge of science and technologies for innovative therapeutic development, and its entrepreneurial spirit remains strong.

But we’re all accessing information in different ways now than in the past. We need and want that information quickly, we want assurance of its timeliness, and we want to trust that interpretations are focused accurately on our needs. Only then can BPI truly live up to its tag line: Covering the whole development process…. A good portion of news releases arriving in my inbox are meant for people outside our industry or in areas that BPI does not cover. If we have to sift through all of that, I imagine that many of you do too.

When first designing BPI, Cheryl Scott and I came up with a monthly news section that would offer themes and interpretations rather than timeliness. Our “Spotlight” has served that function with few changes over the magazine’s lifetime thus far. Yet publishing monthly — and finalizing files a full month before issues go out readers — does not allow us to function within current news cycles. And simply posting press releases on our website isn’t the most responsible way to share critical business and economic events with our readers.

Thus we are happy to announce an expansion of our editorial team specifically intended to offer such expertise and expand BPI’s coverage into the business and economic news with which we all struggle to stay current. As of 23 April 2018, editor Dan Stanton has joined our team as editor of BioProcess Insider, an online newsletter focusing on business news and analysis for the biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry. Dan previously managed and contributed daily written, audio, and visual content for, and he also has contributed regularly to other industry publications.

Launching in June 2018, BioProcess Insider will be delivered weekly to 20,000+ subscribers and also will have a dedicated landing page on the BPI site. It will bring you the latest news and inside views across the bioprocessing space. The publication will benefit from our own extensive internal databases and other sources as it develops. What business decisions, technology investments, and regulatory developments affect the bioprocessing sector? How are suppliers, end users, and global markets reacting? What are the next big industry trends? With its editorial expertise, BioProcess Insider will answer such questions by independently reporting financial movements and business activities in the biopharmaceutical world, adding bioprocessing industry insight and context and delivering the results directly to your inbox.

What does this mean for our “Spotlight” then? Our June issue will reveal how that section will change to bridge BPI’s print and digital content. The BPI editors are excited about this chance to expand our mission with true reporting and timely, relevant analysis: features that will further your ability to make informed decisions with confidence. And Dan looks forward to your support. SAMfix-sig-300x73.jpg

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