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IBC's Fourth Annual AsiaTIDES

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November 1, 2011

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The AsiaTIDES conference is a unique opportunity to update your knowledge of the latest research and manufacturing technologies for oligonucleotide-and peptide-based therapeutics and access this rapidly growing market area. Hear the latest reports from around the world — a program agenda not available at any other event in Japan — at a convenient forum in Tokyo. This event continues to be the premier forum to get a comprehensive update, meet key players, and increase your knowledge of the oligonucleotide-and peptide-based therapeutics fields. It is the only event in Asia with comprehensive updates on therapeutics in development from major big pharma, biotech, and academic players worldwide. At AsiaTIDES, build basic knowledge, learn about the latest applications, build your collaborative network, and learn skills to move your projects forward in one of today’s hottest research areas.



New This Year

Two new preconference tutorials will be offered:

  • Technical and Regulatory Aspects of Peptide Specifications and Characterization: From Preclinical Through to Market Application

  • Strategies and Approaches for In Vivo Delivery of Oligonucleotides: How to Achieve Acceptable Therapeutic Indexes in Various Organs and Tissues Using Therapeutically Relevant Administration Routes

More Representation from Big Pharma: The 2012 faculty list is our strongest yet, with more representation from big pharma than ever before. Hear new data and strategic perspectives from Merck, Genzyme, and GlaxoSmithKline, including three presentations from GSK on a peptide project and the company’s assessments of both the oligo and peptide landscape. Also hear from Isis, Novo Nordisk, Ipsen, Quark, Alnylam, Santaris, Tekmira, and other companies to help you stay abreast of this field.

A new regulatory-update session will address preclinical safety assessment, including further updates from the Japanese Pharmaceutical Manufacturers’ Association and the oligo safety working group.


  • Business Considerations for Successful Development of Oligonucleotide-and Peptide-Based Therapeutics

  • Formulation and Delivery of Peptides and Oligonucleotides

  • Manufacturing and Analytical Development for Peptides and Oligonucleotides

  • Regulatory Updates: Preclinical Safety Assessment of Oligonucleotides and Peptides

  • Four separate sessions updating oligonucleotide-and peptide-based therapeutics in preclinical and clinical development


“Oligonucleotide and Delivery Platform Optimization Strategies for siRNA Drug Development,” by Laura Sepp-Lorenzino (Merck & Co., Inc.)

“Overview of Peptide Therapeutics and Vaccines in Development,” by Yuji Heike (National Cancer Center Hospital of Japan)

“Evolution and Development of GLP-1 Based Therapeutics,” by Andrew A. Young (GlaxoSmithKline)

“Recent Advances in Routes of Delivery for Peptide Pharmaceuticals,” by Nozer Mehta (UniGene Laboratories, Inc.)

“Clinical Development of Mipomersen, an Antisense Second-Generation Oligonucleotide Targeting Apolipoprotein B,” by Tejdip Singh (Genzyme Corporation)

“A Pivotal Year for Oligonucleotide Therapeutics,” by Arthur A. Levin (Santaris Pharma A/S)

“Rapid Selection of a New Class of Peptide Drug Leads Against Various Therapeutic Targets,” by Hiroaki Suga (The University of Tokyo)

Attendees Say…

“I was very happy meeting the delegates from American, European, and Asian companies. The oligonucleotide and peptide balance was good.” —Yoshitsugu Akiyama (NOF Corporation)

“A unique opportunity to hear the latest developments in the field across all disciplines and hear how industry colleagues are rising to the challenges… Over and above the informative presentations will be the invaluable networking with experienced and knowledgeable individuals.” — Allison L. Morgan (Prosensa Therapeutics)

“At TIDES I have the opportunity to meet clients and industry collaborators, to educate myself enormously about current projects, new products, and new potential therapies. I think we will be part of the breakthrough in taking medicine that step further in treating complicated and pernicious diseases that remain incurable. (I believe) that peptides and oligonucleotides represent a combined ingredient class in therapeutics to break the back of cancer and other diseases that have plagued mankind throughout history.” —Lester Mills (Bachem Holding AG)